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The seven Whites. Photo taken  in about 1967 at the old White home in Redland Bay.


Christine (Wilson), Barbara (Clark), Marion (Andrews), Joy (Johnston), Jane (Ganter), Frank White, Annette (Enchelmaier)

Seven little Australians 1959.

Barbara, Jane, Joy, Chris, Marion, Frank, Anna

Ella White, holding Annette - 1956, at Nanango, Queensland.

School girls Marion and Joy.

Frank, Jane in the car, and Barbara with the wheel barrow.

Ella holding her twins, Jane (with hair) and Frank (without). Marion (with plaits) and Joy (with a ribbon under her bonnet). 1952, Brisbane, Queensland.
Frank and Ella, married in Shanghai, China

10 September 1947.

Young Hilary and Frank White with their parents, Frank and Jane.


Frank and Jane White, of School of Arts Road, Redland Bay, Qld, with their eight children c1920.

Joyce, Frances, Hilary, Ruth (the baby), Lucinda, Halley, Lavinia, Frank

Thomas and Jessie Davidson, with Isabella (the baby), Evelyn, and Betty c1915.
now some more recent photos:


Picnic at Wellington Point.
   Dad, Anna, and Aunty Ruth

Picnic in Toowoomba, September 2001

Anna standing,
Aunty Ruth, Dad, and Aunty Lucinda seated

Aunty Lucinda with Dad's dog, Go-go
Aunty Ruth, Aunty Lucinda, and Dad, at the grave of their uncle Willie Fielding, in the old Redland Bay cemetery.
Frank, Anne Birch (cousin) and Dad at Currumbin beach, September 2001.  Dad had a swim in the surf - said he felt a bit shaky on his pins, but enjoyed it!  He died 2nd October.
The Johnston family October 2001

Joy, Chris, Bec at the Wilsons' home in Brisbane

Cousins: Laura, Duncan, Tom, Paul and Peter

Seascape at Philip Island, a place we love to visit on Victoria's southern coast.  Ink & watercolour painting by Joy. A boat trip to Philip Island's seal colony at Seal Rocks.  With us is Joy's cousin Paul, visiting from USA.  Paul brought a  digital camera which has made this photo page possible.
Joy's cousin Paul with Noel at Philip Island. Rev Frank White, and his daughter Chris and Chris' daughter Jess

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