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The Clarks from Echo

This page prepared by Jo and Fred

Jo, Alison and Fred at "Anshui", Brisbane in November, 2001.

The Family

The Clark Family have been in the Roma district for almost 65 years, after relocating from a large sheep and cattle property in northern Queensland in the early 1940's. Echo, a cattle property approximately 60kms from Roma is still in the ownership of the family to this day and produces mainly catttle with occaisional farming of wheat, barley and oats.

The Clark family consists of Allen and Barbara Clark and their five children Alison (16), Jo (15), Fred (15), Sam (12) and Tom (10). While Sam and Tom are still at Roma Middle School, Alison and Jo are curently completeing school, boarding at Somerville House and Fred is also boarding at Brisbane Boy's College.

Alison, Sam, Barb, Tom, Jo, Fred, Allen


What might seem like a little country town along the highway in the middle of nowhere, Roma is actually an important rural town in western Queensland. Roma's own court house boasts of trials such as Captain Starlight, the cattle stealer who was found guilty for hundreds of counts of cattle duffing.

Also known for being the home of the Bottle trees, a native Australian piece of flora, Roma is a major tourist attraction that has been patronized by many celebrities. Until the attacks of September 11 and the sickness of her mother, the Queen was planning to visit Roma and open the new multi-million dollar tourist information centre, as part of her trip to Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings, held in Brisbane. Roma's holiday seasons are also popular tourist seasons as events such as "Easter in the Country" are always fun and enjoyable.

Mum, Dad, Sam and Tom

Jess and Katie in the big Bottle Tree at East Lynne

The Wilsons and Katie with the Clark clan

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