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To order a purchase of any products listed on this website, please print an order form and send either by fax, email, or post to Aitex International.  We will promptly respond to your order, etc...

View an Order Form

Payment can be made by cheque in Australian dollars drawn on an Australian Bank, or by check in US dollars drawn on a US Bank. VISA and MasterCard are also accepted.
Prices will vary depending on the geographic zone to which the materials will be sent. View Zone Information
We supply quality materials. If you are not satisfied, please return them to us by Airmail within 30 days for full refund or credit. We guarantee 100% money back or replacement if materials do not arrive in good condition.
The price of these materials includes Airmail postage and packaging, unless you are in the country of the supplier/distributor, the book is very heavy, or it is sent by another supplier to save double postage. In practice, most materials are sent by Airmail.  Our aim is to have materials in the mail to you within three business days of receiving your order.
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