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The Good Health Manual & The Post Mortem Manual
Pig Research & Development Corporation, Australia
The Good Health Manual contains 204 pages in a spiral-bound, A4 format.   The chapters are: General Health Principles;  Disease Prevention;  Common Problems - Prevention and Control;  General Techniques and Procedures;  and, Specific Diseases.  There is an Index.  Permission is given to photocopy pages 24 to 32 for use as an office reference, with each of these pages summarising an action plan for management of the Boar, Gilt, Sow, Pregnancy, Farrowing sow, Lactating sow, Piglet, Weaner, and Grower and Finisher pigs.  This manual enables producers, with their veterinarian, to work out how to identify health problems, probable causes, treatments and methods to prevent the problem from recurring.

Two videos are associated with this section.  In the Pink (10.5 minutes) looks at the general principles of herd health, and Injecting Pigs (6 minutes) discusses the care required.

The Postmortem Manual is a practical summary on Why examine dead pigs?, Recording the information, Procedures and Conducting the postmortem, Interpreting the signs, and Examining dead baby piglets.  A series of 36 colour photos takes you through the postmortem, as does the 26 minute video, The Right Cut.  This excellent training video is presented by Dr John Glastonbury, a co-editor of Pathology of the Pig.

1 Australia - Price includes GST, where applicable A$165
2 New Zealand A$165
3 Asia, including China, India, Japan A$176 US$96
4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$183 US$99
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$190 US$103
If you are not sure which zone applies to you, please e-mail us your address and we will let you know.
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