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The Swine Insemination Handbook
"A Breeding Technician's Guide to Inseminating Swine".   This book is written specifically for those people who are only involved in the insemination.  If you are also collecting semen from boars then you need The Swine AI Book.

The Chapters are as follows:  How to start using artificial insemination and make it work in your herd;  Genetics: How to select boars for your artificial insemination program;  Biosecurity procedures for AI;  Semen;   The female reproductive system;  How to artificially inseminate the breeding female;   Record keeping;  Glossary;  Appendixes [Cleaning glassware and laboratory equipment;  Calibrating the photometer;  Semen evaluation;    Evaluating stored semen;  Temperature conversion table;  AI equipment suppliers].  Yes, there is the Self-test, with answers at the end.   The 105 pages include a detailed Index.

Each of the staff involved in your AI program should have a copy of either The Swine AI Book or The Swine Inseminators' Handbook.    This investment will soon pay for itself!

1 Australia - Price includes GST, where applicable A$39
2 New Zealand A$41
3 Asia, including China, India, Japan A$44 US$29
4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$47 US$31
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$50 US$33
If you are not sure which zone applies to you, please e-mail us your address and we will let you know.
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