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Pig Production for Vets and Producers (1997)
Proceedings from the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science conference, 17-21 Feb. 1997
The practical topics include: Experience with therapeutics for the treatment of pleuropneumonia; Air quality and "All in - all out" production; Artificial insemination revival; SEW: Does it really eliminate the pathogens or do the gains come from all in all out management?; Weaner - grower nutrition review; Sow nutrition review; Epidemiological studies in reproduction in sows: therapeutic approaches to treating urogenital tract infections; Segregated Early Weaning: The technology is well understood but how did the small end of the US market adapt to this technology?; The impact of SEW on herd reproduction and growth performance; What's expected from a breeding company vet? What can you realistically check for?; Seasonal effects on production; Reducing the cost of medication on farms - what's the minimum possible and what are the risks? Eradication of mange; Lameness in sows; Cost of production in the Australian industry; How AUSPIG is being applied on farms. Its place and its limitations; Antibiotic quality assurance programs; Achieving 90% farrowing rate and 12 pigs born alive; PST, IGF, Ractopamine, Betaine and Chromium picolinate on pig performance; Achieving 700 grams per day from birth to sale; Developing an outdoor herd on a greenfield site - planning to full production. 342 pages plus Index.

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2 New Zealand A$88
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4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$99 US$54
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$103 US$56
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