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Manipulating Pig Production I
This first proceedings of the Australasian Pig Science Association biennial conference is a hardbound 236 page volume.  The six Reviews cover:  Objective assessment of welfare in the pig: Contributions from physiology and behaviour;  Embryonic loss in the pig: An enigma;  Energy and protein metabolism in the pig;  Amino acid requirements of the growing pig;  The implications of immunological techniques for the improvement of production efficiency in pigs; and, The potential of transgenic pigs and related technology for the pig industry.  The three Symposia also presented topics of great significance to the industry:  Seasonal infertility in the pig;   Comparison of methodologies to estimate amino acid availabilities for pigs; and, The control of pre- and post-weaning diarrhoea in the pig.   The 46 one-page Abstracts are given under the headings of Welfare;   Reproduction;  Nutrition;  New Technology and Genetics; and, Health.

While these were cutting edge topics in 1987, most of them are still relevant today.    Each of these volumes stands separately in its own right, and as a set they provide important information to veterinarians, researchers, producers, and others involved in the pig industry.

1 Australia - Price includes GST, where applicable A$34
2 New Zealand A$41
3 Asia, including China, India, Japan A$48 US$24
4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$56 US$28
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$62 US$31
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