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Managing Pig Health & the Treatment of Disease - a reference for the farm
Mike Muihead & Tom Alexander, 1997
This book of over 600 pages, 250 figures, and 100 photographs is directed to pig farmers, and those who advise them. The objectives of the book are to provide education and understanding, to improve the welfare of the pigs, to reduce disease and improve health, and to increase production and profitability.

The chapters include: How to get the best use out of this book; Introduction to the Anatomy and Physiology of the pig; Understanding disease; Managing health and disease; Treating disease; Reproduction: Non-infectious infertility; Reproduction: Infectious infertility; Managing and treating disease in the dry period; Managing and treating disease in the Farrowing and Sucking period; Managing and treating disease in the Weaner, Grower and Finishing period; Skin conditions; Parasites; Exotic diseases; Poisons: Recognition and control; Nutrition and disease; Surgical, manipulative and practical procedures on the farm; Welfare and disease; Health and safety; Appendix; Index; and Abbreviations.

This book draws on the many years of practical experience of the two authors. Buy it, read it, and use it - and your investment will soon pay for itself.

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