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Effluent at Work
Produced by the Pig Research & Development Corporation, Australia
Effluent is a waste product and a liability for pig producers.  How can you turn this liability into assets?  By thinking new thoughts and approaching the situation with new ideas.  This hardcover book of 211 pages covers Development Planning, Effluent Characteristics, Pretreatment Systems, Treatment Systems, Soil Assessment and Monitoring, Land Application, Odour, and some Case Studies.  Perhaps your local situation is different, but the principles are similar worldwide.  Investing in this book will assist you in obtaining some return from what previously may have been only liability.

1 Australia - Price includes GST, where applicable A$77
2 New Zealand A$75
3 Asia, including China, India, Japan A$79 US$43
4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$75 US$46
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$92 US$50
If you are not sure which zone applies to you, please e-mail us your address and we will let you know.
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