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Delivery of Disease-free Pigs
Describes a how minimal-disease herd declined in health status until medication was costing >$200/sow/year. Describes how a modified Depopulation-Repopulation program was used to maintain the genetic lines of the herd. Details of this "piglet snatch" program include treatments, synchronising farrowings, and removing piglets. It involved 7,000 sows with 70,000 pigs being relocated and the piggery shut down for cleaning and resting for 16 weeks.  The savings from decreased medications alone were estimated to cover the  costs within about one year.

1 Australia - Price includes GST, where applicable A$38
2 New Zealand A$40
3 Asia, including China, India, Japan A$45 US$30
4 North America, including Canada and Mexico A$50 US$33
5 Europe, Africa, South America A$54 US$35
If you are not sure which zone applies to you, please e-mail us your address and we will let you know.


2002 Somnia